Teaching and Learning: A Varied Approach

September 13, 2018
Ann Dale

As I read the posts from my colleagues from the latest MEEC residency and having had the privilege of co-teaching with Dr. Hilary Leighton, it made me think about the very different ways we have of teaching and learning. With regards to researching, many of us are collaborating on research: Leslie King and I on climate change innovation, and Hilary and I on research curation.

An emerging research theme is smart cities, and this article is a brilliant critique of the role of big data and technology in the development of smart cities. It describes Sidewalk Toronto, a collaboration between Alphabet Inc. (Google’s head company), the governments of Canada and Ontario, and the City of Toronto. It raises some basic questions we should be thinking about. How does the Internet of Things work? How is it kept secure? How does surveillance work? How will data be shared with law enforcement? Which laws will govern smart city data? Will consumer protection laws protect smart city residents? A highly recommended read.