Faculty Profile

Leslie King

Professor, Program Head, Master of Arts and Master of Science in Environmental Practice, Graduate Certificate in Science and Policy of Climate Change. Director, Canadian Centre for Environmental Education

Welcome to the
School of Environment & Sustainability

The global challenge of sustainability brings with it new opportunities for collaboration across disciplines, between scientists, business leaders, policy makers, and among those committed to innovative responses to complex environmental, social and economic issues. 

The School of Environment and Sustainability offers programs and carries out research that meet the challenges of the complex systemic problems we face today and provides the knowledge and skills needed to create systemic change that meets these challenges. Focusing on needs and trends related to sustainable systems, societies, communities, and organizations, the School of Environment and Sustainability advances knowledge, capacity, collaboration and organizational effectiveness, dialogue and communication, environmental protection, pollution mitigation, and communities of practice. 

As a key part of its mandate, the School of Environment and Sustainability is committed to applied, problem-solving research that supports RRU's innovative partnerships with communities, business, industry, and the public sector and focuses on current needs and trends.