SES Volunteers to Sort & Package Native Plant Seeds

January 17, 2020
Sharon McMillan
Seed Packages Stamped

This year the School of Environment and Sustainability (SES) decided that along with our annual Christmas lunch, we wanted to volunteer as a group, to give back to the community.

On Dec. 5th, 2019, SES volunteered to sort and package native plant seeds, for the Habitat Acquisition Trust (HAT) and the Native Plant Study Group (NPSG). HAT works to protect and restore local habitats and NPSG meets regularly to learn about native plants. Both groups support local restoration projects and encourage everyone to plant-friendly local plants in their gardens.

Paige and Ronna, from HAT, arrived at RRU and with help from Sharon, set up all the materials and seeds in the Sherman Jen labs. Everyone that volunteered chose a species of seed, that they then cleaned, by removing the unneeded plant material, and packaged in small paper envelopes. The last step was to stamp the envelopes with the picture and name of the plant species. Back at the HAT office, Ronna then added a small paper on the back of each package that contains information for each species, such as when the seeds should be planted and what kind of growing conditions they prefer.

Most of the seeds are collected and donated by NPSG members, from their amazing gardens. The species we packaged included; Beaked Hazelnuts, Yarrow, Beach Peavine, Large Leaved Lupine, White and Blue Great Camas, Sea Thrift, Woolly Sunflower, Rosy Pussytoes, and a Pollinator Mix.

The seed packages are available by donation at local events, such as Saanich Seedy Saturday, and Victoria Seedy Saturday. The funds support local restoration projects.

Thank you to everyone from the School of Environment & Sustainability who joined in this activity to give back to our local community and habitats.

A special thank you to HAT for making the trip out to RRU and teaching us how to clean and package each type of seed!