The Biodiversity Imperative

July 24, 2018
Ann Dale
Polar Bear

Hilary’s poetic post about the magical diversity of edges and David’s “mainstreaming biodiversity and ecosystems into policy and business as a design process” highlight a key human imperative. A dear friend and one of this country’s foremost experts in biodiversity (soil), Dr. Valerie Behan-Pelletier pointed out the other day that biodiversity conservation is more critical than climate change: the former has an immediate time imperative, as extinction is final and we are now crossing critical thresholds, whereas climate change is not quite so immediate.

My research team just finished a 4-part virtual conversation series, in partnership with Women for Nature on How Important are the Common Loon and Polar Bear to Canadians? We brought together over 30 researchers, community and business leaders to discuss the biodiversity imperative, now complimented by a curated biodiversity resource library.

Over the next month, we will be developing an action agenda for Canadian decision-makers based on our four conversations, and will be releasing it this September widely to Canadians through our website and in partnership with Nature Canada.