Posted July 10, 2020 by Richard Kool

The President of Brazil doesn’t want to know, and doesn’t want anyone else to know, how many cases of COVID-19 there are in his country. The President of the USA recently said “When you test -- when you do testing to that extent, you're going to find more people. You're going to find more cases.

Posted July 3, 2020 by David Oswald
A shot of the ‘Pitons’ and the dramatic landscapes of Saint Lucia

Small Island Developing States (SIDS) are some of the most vulnerable countries on the planet when it comes to the threat of climate change, but they are also thinking big about solutions, actively innovating, and building a prosperous and resilient future.

Posted June 26, 2020 by Ed Beggs
Ed Beggs

“How did you get here?” This was a question posed to various creative people in our community last year. They were given a few weeks to think about this, and then created short one-person plays that were presented in various small rooms, offices, and hallways of a local church. As we traveled from presentation to presentation, we were entertained with a range of interpretations. Most were hilarious, a few quite serious. We can take the question quite literally – how did we get here?

Posted June 18, 2020 by Sharon McMillan
Ecotoxicology lab

One of the biggest challenges of moving the BSc ES program and BSc EM residency online, in response to COVID-19, was creating a plan for the labs. Luckily, both groups had completed the majority of their labs earlier in the program during the Biology, Microbiology, Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry courses.

Posted June 12, 2020 by ECO Canada

Canada’s environmental job market has experienced an increase in job opportunities. Last year, 24,500 jobs were posted online, reflecting an 8% growth since 2017. Overall, environmental job ads increased by 17% from 2016 to 2018, compared to only 7% for the universe of scraped job ads.

Factors which may be contributing to the upturn include: