New Labs Welcome 1st School Outreach Classes of 2019

March 21, 2019
Sharon McMillan

The School of Environment & Sustainability has welcomed 2 kindergarten classes this month to the new Sherman Jen Building Science labs, and will welcome 7 more classes between April and June 2019. The next classes include 2 more kindergarten classes, two grade 1 classes, two 3/4 classes and one 4/5 class. This year, the School Outreach program will welcome a total of 187 kids, from 6 different schools, for an all-day, hand-on, science field trip.

The kindergarten classes were so excited to spend time doing science experiments in the lab, a scavenger hunt in the gardens (that ended with a duck race at the fish ladder), a coke and Mentos experiment and more!!! If you happened to be in the Sherman Jen Building when they were visiting, there’s a good chance that you either saw or heard the kids having a blast.

Thank you to our BSc-ES students and our Program Coordinators and Program Associates for volunteering and helping us get kids excited about science!! And a special thanks to those who have donated to the Noble School Lab Visit Grant that supports this program.