MEM Residency Event: Mark Anielski

December 6, 2018
Program Office

In October 2018, Royal Roads welcomed a new and returning group of students from the Master of Arts and Master of Science in Environment and Management (MEM MA and MSc) program. One of the presenters during this three-week residency was Mark Anielski. Mark is an economist who has developed a new and practical economic model called Genuine Wealth, to measure the real determinants of well-being and help redefine progress. His book, The Economics of Happiness, won the 2008 gold medal in the Business and Leadership category at the Los Angeles Nautilus Book Awards. The text below is taken from The Economics of Happiness website. Please visit to learn more.

 In Mark's book, The Economics of Happiness, he explains:

  • How economics, accounting, capitalism, and banking, which dominate our consciousness,
    can be reoriented towards the pursuit of genuine happiness.
  • How to rediscover the original meaning of the language of economics.
  • How to measure Genuine Wealth, which consists of five capital assets: human, social,
    natural, built and financial.
  • How nations, governments, communities and businesses are using the Genuine Wealth
    model to build the new economy of well-being.
  • How you and your family can apply the Genuine Wealth model in your own lives

Mark was joined by Ann Dale, Royal Roads faculty and author of Edging Forwardfor a Q&A session following the presentation. Please view the presentation here.