A Master-ful Journey of Discovery

August 9, 2018
MAEEC Program Office
Classroom Learning

In late July 2018, the Master of Arts in Environmental Education and Communication (MAEEC) program office welcomed a new cohort of students to the campus and what we witnessed was a unique blend of curiosity, keen interest and some apprehension. It was a new experience – a possibly daunting experience for many who were ‘diving into’ the unfamiliar landscape of a masters program. However, the openness and willingness to share stories as we enjoyed a hot, delicious breakfast seemed to quickly dissolve any tension from being in a strange new world.

Students spoke of the beautiful campus and looking forward to the many scheduled (and unscheduled) events, while program head Dr. Hilary Leighton ensured everyone that although the destination could not be seen, the journey would always be as it should be – without worry or intervention.

The following week brought two more MAEEC cohorts to campus and thus began the mix of new and experienced; eager attentiveness and earned wisdom; going forward and reviewing goals; and of course, moving towards a common objective.

As program staff, we feel very fortunate to have met students in all three MAEEC cohorts and as time passed, we watched them become more comfortable with their surroundings and each other. We are also grateful to the faculty who strived to make this on-campus journey not only academically fulfilling but positive and enriching for everyone.