Hello, My Name Is...

August 2, 2018
2018 MAEEC Cohort
MA in Environmental Education & Communication

The newest MA in Environmental Education and Communication (MAEEC) cohort is a group of 17 learners hailing from different parts of the world and Canada. Our work embraces diverse fields within the broadly-defined spheres of education and the environment: public-school teaching (biology, geography, social sciences, music and more); outdoor education; cultural interpretation and conference organization; activities coordination; and TV editing/production. One cohort member joins us directly from an intensive stint working in caves studying bats. This wide skill set strengthens the cohort during these action-packed three weeks of residency, and keeps us from going bats!

Our spies on the ground—not that we're naming our two instructors—report that our cohort's breadth of knowledge and passion for learning make us a joy to work with.

We're looking forward to our learning journey at Royal Roads - hello from the 2018 MAEEC cohort!