A Good Move

September 7, 2018
Erin Edwards
Sherman Jen Building

At the end of July, the School of Environment and Sustainability (along with a few other schools) moved its offices and labs to the newly-constructed Sherman Jen building on campus.

This building took a century-old heritage horse stable known as the Mews building, and integrated it with an energy-efficient addition that includes new state-of-the-art sustainable living laboratories. 


Some fantastic green features of this building include:

  • Smart technology window glass adjusts its tint level to block glare, UV radiation and solar overheating of spaces, and will help prevent bird strikes  
  • Lighting in classrooms, atrium and corridors automatically dim according to the amount of natural light in the spaces  
  • Upgraded insulation requires less heating and cooling to maintain interior temperatures


  • Close to 60% of total floor area made up of existing wood frame structure  
  • New and reclaimed BC-sourced wood throughout, including columns, beams, door and window frames and millwork   
  • Multi-streamed indoor and outdoor recycling unites to reduce waste stream
  • Water bottle refill stations to reduce one-time plastic water bottle use
  • Six electric vehicle chargers in nearby parking area
  • Areas identified for landscaping are being returned to their natural state and propagated with native plant species

Laboratory Next time you are on campus, be sure to stop by and check out our new working space. We'll be blogging over the next few weeks to share more about this new space, including our new laboratory. The laboratory will soon be used by our upcoming Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science students as a working and learning facility!