On-Campus Learning: A Brief Meditation

August 16, 2018
Bob Kull

I love to hear them laugh. Strictly speaking, academic work should not be fun, and certainly not amusing. Still, there is joy in their laughter. How can this be wrong?

I love to sit with them in mindful silence. Strictly speaking, meditation should not be part of academic work. Still, there is joy in feeling linked together with each other and the garden and sky where we sit. How can this be wrong?

Weirdly, I’ve also loved to work with them on their abstracts. Finding just the right words to build succinct sentences that are aesthetically pleasing, convey the content of their looming thesis projects and remain within the strict 150-word limit. This is clearly wrong and I may seek help from a trained therapist once back in Vancouver.

They are so smart and filled with life, these Master of Arts in Environmental Education and Communciation (MAEEC) students. It has been a gift to work with them and learn from them. I’ve taught an online course in the MAEEC program for 10 years or more, but this is the first time I’ve taught on campus.

It’s beautiful here and I love the fawns and bunny rabbits. The peacocks’ squalls sometimes sound like cats yowling. I’ve heard they are tasty when barbecued. Barring that, they are also joyful to watch. Certainly that can’t be wrong.

I’ve been asked to write a “sexy” blog post, but I suspect my definition of sexy may not accord with usual academic definitions, so I’ve played it safe, and it’s probably good I have.