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February 14, 2019
Ann Dale

A Call for Action Now.

Ottawa. Next week, on February 25th, the Action Agenda for Canadian Decision Makers on Biodiversity Conversation will be released publicly at the annual meeting of Nature Canada’s Women for Nature. Following its release, it will be sent to all Federal Members of Parliament and provincial premiers. Released in French and English, we are hoping you will help us to make a difference by spreading it wide and far among your networks and demanding political action at the upcoming federal election.

The agenda was developed through our Changing the Conversation research, bringing together members of Women for Nature from all sectors of Canadian society. As stated in the media release from next week, “The latest evidence on biodiversity loss worldwide makes it clear that we must act now to avoid unimaginable natural poverty,” said Women for Nature co-chair Ann Dale. “There is no second chance from extinction. Can you imagine Canada without polar bears or loons? This action agenda is our chance to make a difference”.