Biodiversity Connection: A Call to Action

September 26, 2018
Jaime Clifton

Never before has the protection of biodiversity been more important, especially after the 2016 Living Planet Report revealed that 67% of wild animals will disappear by 2020. To discuss and deliberate on the challenges of biodiversity loss and to uncover viable solutions, Professor Ann Dale led a series of real-time virtual conversations exploring biodiversity conservation in Canada, in partnership with Women for Nature of Nature Canada. The Biodiversity Conversations: How important are the common loon and polar bear to Canadians was designed to increase civic awareness, engagement, and literacy on the importance of biodiversity in Canada.

Hosted on Changing the Conversation, the series brought together female researchers, practitioners, and civil society leaders from diverse sectors across the country. From September 2017 - April 2018, they explored why biodiversity is important to Canadians, the drivers and barriers to its conservation, and what steps Canadians can take to protect it. They also shared a wealth of resources that are available in our curated biodiversity resource library. Key themes that emerged from the discussion included reconciliation, connection, collaboration, (re)framing biodiversity, (re)design, integration, strategic partnerships, and cross-sectoral implementation. 

An action agenda has now been drafted called Biodiversity Conservation: A Call for Action for Canadian Decision-Makers. View an English or French copy ahead of its official release.