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Welcome to the SES Blog: Research, Field Notes & Good Reads

March 26, 2018
Ann Dale

This blog involves all School of Environment & Sustainability programs, students, staff and faculty, including associate faculty to bring news about emerging ideas, research programs, school activities and sharing ideas and dialogue on the wonderful world around us to our students, graduates and interested public.  I am privileged to be writing the first blog on behalf of the school. When I was first recruited to RRU and the school in 2000, I really wasn’t serious about leaving my colleagues at UBC but when I first walked down the hill and saw the mountains, the ocean and the big ship I was mesmerized by the beauty of the campus, and I never looked back. It may sound artsy to you, but I feel a tremendous creative energy anytime I am physically on campus and feel blessed to be part of this community.

I am currently leading a series of virtual conversations on biodiversity conservation and I encourage you to listen in and participate in our work. The most recent virtual conversation was February 22, 2018.

The picture below is of Hilary Leighton, head of the Master of Arts in Environmental Education & Communication program and lead of our new certificate program in Sustainable Community Development. I am turning the next blog over to her to talk a little about our certificate program. We were taking a walk on campus with her beloved dog, Oberon, and marveling at the beauty of one of the trees.

Hilary Leighton