Welcome to the School of Environment and Sustainability at Royal Roads University. Royal Roads University is a public university offering innovative programs that link to our core values of environmental sustainability, social development, values-based leadership, and effective management. As such the programs and research that take place in our school are part of the core mission of the institution.

We believe that the environment is the foundation upon which all human systems rest and depend, and, using the words of our Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Community Development, Ann Dale, sustainability is the greatest imperative of the 21st century. Our programs provide learners with the understanding of the linkages between our environment and our economic and social systems as well as the skills needed to tackle the complexities inherent in those systems. Our research explores many facets of the environment and sustainability with a focus on topics such as climate change, sustainable communities, ecological and global processes, and eco-toxicolgy.

Our programs’ graduates are proven leaders and many are actively demonstrating their knowledge and skills gained at Royal Roads University in their career advancements. Some of our graduates' stories can be read through the Royal Roads' Inspiring Connection's website -  these graduates have careers as varied as Consulting biologist, Cultural Resource Manager, Sustainability Educator, Watershed Coordinator, Engineering Technician and Lab Supervisor.

We are happy to showcase the achievements of our students, faculty and staff in our research, teaching and program development. 

Dr Chris Ling
Director, School of Environment and Sustainability