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Learn About Our School

The School of Environmental and Sustainability has an outstanding breadth and depth of faculty and programs. 

We have undergraduate and graduate programs, and these are delivered on-line and on campus. 

The school faculty is also engaged in world class research that directly impacts our programs and supports the research of many of our graduate students. 

Our Programs

Graduate Programs

  • Master of Arts/Science in Environment and Management (Blended Delivery)
  • Master of Arts/Science in Environmental Practice (Online Delivery)
  • Master of Arts in Environmental Education and Communication (Blended Delivery)

Undergraduate Programs

  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences (On Campus)
  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management (Blended Delivery)
  • Bachelor of Arts/Science in Environmental Practice (Online Delivery)

More information about our programs can be found on the program pages for environment and sustainability.

Our Research

Our school, both faculty and graduate students, engage in wide ranging inter-disciplinary research from local to international projects. Some of the main areas of research include:

  • Sustainability and sustainable communities
  • Climate trends, processes and social responses
  • Environmental chemistry
  • Ecology
  • Geohazards
  • Environmental education and psychology

More detailed information about the research undertaken in our school can be found on our research page.

Our Faculty

Tony Boydell - Professor
Ann Dale - Professor
Audrey Dallimore - Associate Professor
Matt Dodd - Professor
Leslie King - Professor
Rick Kool - Professor
Hilary Leighton - Assistant Professor
Chris Ling - Associate Professor
Jonathan Moran - Associate Professor
Mickie Noble - Assistant Professor